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End of the Road Ranch is located in Grant Co. New Mexico and began taking in horses in need in 2005.   At that time and up to this year EOTRR was totally self-funded.   In 2010 the sanctuary incorporated as a non-profit and received its 501 (c) (3) status under the IRS.   EOTRR has since been inspected and licensed by the New Mexico Livestock Board.

The Sanctuary was created to allow elderly, unsound or equines at risk of slaughter, abuse or neglect a place to live out their life in as safe and natural an environment as possible.  In the process we hope to provide more educational opportunities for people so they don’t give up on their own horses and to provide some quality training for volunteers.

At this time the EOTRR has 28 equine residents. They range in age from to 37 years, five are over 20 and 8 have special needs. 

We do at times foster horses into approved homes but do not adopt out to the general public due to the close proximity of the border slaughter plant and our commitment to providing these equines a safe and quality life for the rest of their lives. With the economic situation and the rapidly rising price of hay, more and more equines are at risk.

In order for the EOTRR to be able to help more horses in need we must reach out to others to help us help them.  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

In March of 2012 EOTRR attended a conference in Albuquerque for all the licensed equine rescues in New Mexico.  Also attending were representatives from the New Mexico Livestock Board and Animal Protection of New Mexico.  At this conference the New Mexico Rescue Alliance was formed to work together to ensure a place for at risk horses to go.

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 End of the Road Ranch, a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary, thanks the ASPCA for their $ 3000.00 grant to help offset the rising cost of hay in the southwest.
“No matter where you sit on the subject of climate change, there is no doubt that the southwest is in a prolonged period of drought, severely effecting any operation that relies on supplemental hay to feed its animals,” said Carol Johnson, founder and director of End of the Road Ranch.  “An operation such as ours does not have the space or the water resources to create pasture or grow our own hay, so we rely 100% on purchased hay to feed our animals.  In the past few years we have seen almost a 75% increase in the price of hay.  With continued dry conditions, fluctuating fuel costs and farmers forced to grow other crops to yield sufficient profits, we expect prices to continue to rise and availability to get tighter.  This situation, along with the economic downturn and slow recovery, and a migration away from rural areas back towards the cities where the jobs are, has forced more private owners to sell or abandon their horses, contributing to the growing problem of unwanted horses across the country.”

Thanks to a $ 500.00 grant from the ASPCA the End of the Road Ranch was able to become a member of  the Association of Fundraising Professionals and to enroll in their Fundamentals of Fundraising E-learning course.


End of the Road Ranch a 501(C)3 Public Charity Dedicated to the welfare of Equines at risk of abuse, neglect or slaughter.
 PO Box 5011 Silver City, New Mexico 88062
Open 9-4 Wed-Fri-Sat by appointment, call 575-313-5714

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