Thanks to a grant from GFAS End of the Road Ranch was able to put in this
much needed shelter. 


A couple of years ago EOTRR was able to put together a circular paddock fashioned after Jamie Jackson's Paddock Paradise. The North and South ends are covered in p-gravel, the east and west sides are dirt tracks. A third of the east side consists of a hill covered in naturally occurring rocks. Salt and minerals are located on the hill. There's sand to roll and lay in at the N.E. corner and an auto fill water trough on the S.E. corner.   Eleven of the Mares that are not physically impaired spend their days in this paddock.

Ongoing  circular paddock shelter project.


Before moving any horses onto the property EOTRR had all of the barbed wire fencing removed and replaced with barb-less twisted wire. Over the years we have had several injuries due to the wire fencing. When installing the round paddock we went with a type of hot-wire called Horseguard.   Now instead of trips to the vet and long recovery times from injuries sustained we just smile and spend 15 minutes re-stretching the horseguard.   This fencing has saved EOTRR time, money and anguish over injuries. We can't say enough good about it.