Gone but not forgotten


Over the Rainbow Bridge

RascalRascal, longtime resident of EOTRR was almost completely blind in one eye.  He developed a swelling behind his good eye. After over a week of treatment from three different veterinarians it was determined to be in Rascals best interest to be humanely put down. Rascal had ruptured a blood vessel behind the eye and the infection could not be controlled. He was kept very comfortable while being monitored and had lots of loving company. He left us June 8th 2013.


Morgan has been a longtime resident of EOTRR and believed to be around 23.  She had been slaughter bound when almost by accident, she was diverted to EOTRR.  What a blessing!  She had "been there and done that".  She had skills and was a tender, sweet girl.  Up until last year she was being ridden and was one of our program horses.  But then our dear girl began having what we think were seizures.  Our vet felt she had a brain tumor.  She continued to be her sweet self and we tried to protect her with head and leg wear, removing obstacles from her living area etc. She spent her last year with the other special needs girls. They had been seen to support her at times.   All efforts were made to ensure Morgan’s safety but the time came when she was too much of a danger to herself. She would fall on objects and injure herself.  After which she would then have great difficulty getting herself upright. Morgan was put down at EOTRR on April 3rd, 2013.


Nikona was 22 1/2 yrs. old. She was a long time resident of EOTRR. Her last year was spent lounging around with the old and infirm but she remained her exuberant self almost to the end. Nikona was suffering from Cushing’s disease and was humanely put down on March 6, 2013 due to the severity of the complications arising from the Cushing’s.

Max came to EOTRR emaciated and was sponsored by Dianne Murphy.  He resided with and was best friends with Romeo while he was here.. Thanks to Diana's support and care Max's last years were good ones.   Max abruptly went into a colic and was found to have a left dorsal displacement of the colon. After many hours of trying to save him he was humanely euthanized to save him from any more suffering.

Ace_2011                           Ace
Ace was nine years old in 2015 when he was lost due to colic.  A necropsy found that he had entrapment of the intestines.

Jo was 30 in 2015 when she was humanely put down.  She was losing strength in her hind quarters due to atrophy and the vets could not find a solution for it. She had started to get herself in situations when she laid down that were dangerous to her and was no longer able to rise on her own.  Jo still had a sparkle in her eye but her body just couldn't keep up.

Cheyenne_jumping_at_the_snow_and_willow                                Cheyenne

37 yr old golden bay Grade Mare. Breeding unknown, but whatever it is, its way special! She came to us as a retiree but she was great with the children and "refused" to be old.  She was fostered out to a family with a young son who used her for gymkhana and she was happy to oblige and enjoyed her time there with her companion. She came back to us when she became a little less steady on her feet.    She had beautiful straight legs and was still sound.  Her back showed her age but she had what the Bible calls "Special Mightiness". Cheyenne needed soaked feed four times a day and a blanket at night in the winter. It became apparent in 2014 that it was time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge when quit eating her soaked feed. For a week she ate pureed carrots and apples four times a day until she wouldn't. The vet said that she had cancer.  She never appeared to be in pain and climbed her hill on the last day. 

Teddy was an Estray found with an old injury to his hind leg. EOTRR picked him up from Los Lunas and brought him to Silver City.
We want to thank Clay Alred, DVM, John Wenzel, DVM and Maria Littles, DVM for their input on  Teddy’s chance at a quality life.  It was determined that it was in his best interest to be humanely euthanized.  Thank you Clay for taking such good care of him while he was at your clinic. 

This cute guy was was found in Artesia, N.M. He was listed on the NMLB estray page where EOTRR acquired him.  He became colicy at the inspectors home where he was being held and eventually taken to Artesia animal clinic. End of the Road Ranch was never able to bring him home as he passed at the clinic. A necropsy found that he had developed a large enterolith which had caused a rupture of his right dorsal colon.


We lost Bailey just before Christmas 2015 on one of the worst nights of the year.  Dr Allred came out to treat her several times before it was determined it was time to let her go.  She suffered an intestinal entrapment similar to Ace.

Pablo was a real sweet boy. He enjoyed the time he had here living with the gelding herd and we made him as comfortable as possible.
He was recently reevaluated by our vet and it was determined that with his advanced ringbone, sidebone and arthritis he just could not be kept comfortable.