The Boys


The Boys


Approximately 8yr old paint. Cimarron came to
us wild.  He is in training at this time.
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Indy, a Tobiano Paint gelding arrived with his Mamma, Chicka in 2005. Indy is a product of the PMU industry but was one of the lucky ones. Born here he has never been at risk of slaughter or abuse.  He is a well-adjusted, curious social young guy, who is the fearless leader of the gelding herd.  Since he grew up with his mamma being #1 or #2 in the herd he always had his mamma to back him up, so he is very confident.  When the play gets rough in the gelding herd he has been seen to intervene and say "That is enough". Due to a bent fetlock his activities have to be modified, taking his deformity into consideration. He doesn't let it slow him down and  is a commanding presence and built like a tank.

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Harley is a 14 yr old Quarter Horse Gelding.  He was seized by the New Mexico Livestock Board for starvation.  He had lost a lot of hide on his body.  It looked like he had been with other horses who picked on him and wouldn't allow him to eat.  We were worried that when he regained his weight and he was introduced to the other geldings that he would have trouble.  So, when the time came Scott had the brilliant idea to work all the geldings together in the arena and them graze them together.  It worked like a charm and the other geldings accepted Harley like they knew he belonged.

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Romeo is years old and came to us along with Juliette.  He was severely underweight and was underdeveloped for his 3years of age.  As soon as Romeo was physically able he was gelded and matched up with Max. After Max's passing he was moved to the North Pasture with four other geldings.

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Sadiqi is 21 and came to us as a seizure due to neglect.  He is doing well now but suffers from intense allergies and must receive medication for it a good portion of the year.

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Pepper is a retiree. He suffers from ringbone and arthritis and must receive supplements to keep him comfortable.

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Dallas is a 16 yr old gelding who was abandoned by his unknown owners and left to starve. Thanks to some kind people who
brought him to End of the Road Ranch he has recovered and is doing well. He has some permanent soundness issues so he
will always be a pasture ornament.

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