The Horses




Piper is 25. She was abandoned by her owner and came to us emaciated. She is not sound and will never be ridden again. 
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Gypsy_FiddlerII                      Gypsy Fiddler
Gypsy Fiddler is 21yrs old. She was abandoned by her owner and left for "coyote bait".  She has to be on joint supplements and pain management when needed due to pain in her hips and rear legs. 
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Flicka's is 25yrs old. Her owner passed away and the person caring for her was unable to adequately do so. She came to us
emaciated with very poor teeth and in a lot of pain because of it. She is allowed to roam the ranch during the day visiting the
other horses and has taken over Cheyenne's job as ambassador. She greets newcomers as well as all the volunteers.  Buck makes
 sure that all of Flicka's needs are met.

Salty                                Salty
Salty, an 20 yr old Overo Paint mare arrived here in 2005 and may have been a PMU mare. She was slaughter bound when we intervened  We are so happy she was able to come here instead. She arrived with Ace, a 6 month old foal at her side and already pregnant with a filly, subsequently named Abbey.  Salty tends to be highly strung, but is a kind and appreciative soul.  She wants to get to know you first and be sure you will not hurt her before she allows you to approach her. She suffers from Navicular disease and Arthritis. Her conditions are being treated with supplements and pain               relief as needed.
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Willow is a 25 yr. old yellow dun mare.  She came to us because of her unsoundness and neurological problems. Our Vet diagnosed her with Pedal Osteitis, and we believe she may have also suffered a seizure since she’s been here.   She is a little unsteady on her feet but it doesn’t prevent her from ruling the herd with an iron hoof. When she first came she would try to hurt the other horses and just wanted to be left alone.  In time she settled in and realized that she didn’t need to be so aggressive. The herd has total respect for her. Willow loves attention from the humans.  We need to keep her feet as clean and dry as possible as she is prone to hoof problems.  Willow needs a sponsor, to sponsor Willow Click here!

DuchessNow                               Duchess

Duchess is 19 and came to EOTRR in October 2012. She was emaciated with an abscess both of her front feet. She was later diagnosed with cataracts and deemed almost totally blind. Thanks to her Sponsor Stacey Thomson Duchess now looks like the picture to your left and has a chance at a good life. Duchess gets around well in her corral and shelter in spite of her disability. Some cool days you will see her running, bucking and kicking up her heals. We think that Duchess is 16 and she has become friends with her 20 yr old neighbor Flicka. Duchess has a heart and soul of gold and is a pleasure to work with.

                         Penny aka/Kendra
Although Kendra will never be sound or able to be ridden she has been fostered by Cindi.  Kendra lives with three companions in their own Paddock Paradise.  She couldn't want for a better home.

Sassy                                   Sassy
DOB 2008.  Sassy came to us at about 11 months old.  She had a wound on her forearm and chest that needed daily care and we offered to care for her.  She patiently put up with our doctoring.  We have always thought of her as "The little Red Haired Girl" from Charlie Brown.  Her stay originally was to be temporary but due to her severe bent fetlock her future use was uncertain.  She is now a permanent fixture at End of the Road Ranch.
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